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breaking poems  
Suheir Hammad

"Incantatory and powerful, Suheir Hammad's voice compels you in these new poems to enact a beautiful revolution, a retrieval from the very heart of loss. Everything falls on the off beat, wa love, wa body, wa life, wa freedom."
Chris Abani, author of GraceLand and Song for Night.

breaking poems has been selected as a winner of the 30th annual Before Columbus Foundation/AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS for 2009

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pink elephant
Pink Elephant 
Rachel McKibbens

Pink Elephant is the white elephant in the room blushing into visibility, and Rachel McKibbens is a poet of unparalleled, unflinching honesty. With the tenacity of a survivor's 'love-sharp teeth,' McKibbens confronts the trauma of girlhood/ womanhood 'the malicious thunder of it' and gives the 'inaudible song of happiness' a palpable, perceptible shape. This book is startling testimony and it will bruise the touch of all those who dare to turn its relentless pages.
Rigoberto Gonzalez

Suheir Hammad

ZaatarDiva summons through moments of lyrical insight and urbane wit, again and again, and before we know what has happened, we are hooked. Here's a poetry that urges a wholeness - a crossing of borders - as the personal is woven into the public, whereby a 'prodigal daughter' possesses her own knowing voice. Each poem in ZaatarDiva is heart-driven by the urgent, raw orality of need. And, there is a glistening barb in each turn of phrase - a lure of quicksilver accuracy."
Yusef Komunyakaa

Tarnish and Masquerade 
Roger Bonair-Agard

"These sunwashed revelations -- this lilting, uproarious, precise gospel -- brings so much to the table that the reader is nearly overwhelmed. Roger Bonair-Agard is his own revolution, a deft purveyor of unflinching politics, stark sensuality and the relentless drum of the island home that beckons from every page. There is simply no resisting these stanzas, absolutely no way to turn away from what they will do to you."
Patricia Smith
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